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Sound Factor uses only high end equipment that is more reliable and provides better sound quality than systems some other services provide.  We have the ability to play CD's, or music files such as MP3 or WMA. 

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus Player

This media player can connect to various music storage devices such as hard drives, USB Memory sticks, iPods, and iPads.  With this unit a laptop PC is optional.   

Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus Mixer

This industry standard mixer has four channels and a boat load of special effects. 

Denon 2500 Media player

This media player can connect to various music storage devices such as hard drives, USB Memory sticks, iPods, and iPads.  With this unit a laptop PC is not required.  Songs are selected via a USB keyboard.  Since there is no laptop, there are never laptop crashes or errors that could require a system reboot. 

Denon 4500 Dual CD Player

This dual cd deck was designed specifically for DJ's.  Songs load and que quickly and allow the pitch to be adjusted to support beat mixing, sampleing and special effects.

FBT ProMaxx 14A

Active speaker that has a built in amplifier that has a 14" Driver and a 3" voice coil.  This speaker is capable of pushing out 900 watts of RMS power while sounding great at any power level.

JBL 15" Speakers

These JBL speakers have enough power to easily fill a large room.  They also have excellent sound quality.  We also use comparable Peavy speakers on occasion or for dual setups.

Shure Wireless Microphones

Shure microphones are top of the line with great sound and range.

American DJ Revo III

The Revo III moves to the beat of the music and is a great effect on the dance floor or ceiling. 

American DJ Spherion TRI LED

This modern mirror ball produces 8 colors, rotates at different speeds clockwise and counter clockwise, and can strobe fast or slow all to the beat of the music. Add a little fog and you get an effect like shown below.

Dual GEM Pulse

LED lighting effect that dances and strobes colorful balls of light onto the dance floor, wall, or ceiling.

Chauvet Scorpion Laser

This laser fills a room with green and red laser light.  The fixture can also produce a black light motion effect.  Lasers can move fast or slow and even strobe when needed.

These are some of the lights that are rotated in our standard lighting package. Additional lighting can be purchased for an additional charge.  Lighting is not included for outdoor daytime parties because it is ineffective.  If there is a specific light you'd like above included for your event please request it.  Some venues have limited space and it is not possible to incorporate more than one or two fixtures.



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We include lighting in our prices because we believe lighting adds excitement and professionallism to every event.  We do not charge extra for lighting.  We will honor requests to exclude lighting for any event, however exclusion of lighting does not impact our pricing.